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(Owner of OC):Stan Marsh

(Small Description of Character)

Stan Jr is a cowardly yet likable 4 year old boy

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Stan: Him and his dad have a very well Father/Son bond and he loves to play with his dad on Saturdays.

Wendy: He really cares for his Mom and loves her.

Sammy: He is kind to his brother, and Sammy likes to hang around with him.

Wendy jr: He really cares for his baby sister. He also helps her out a lot such as feeding her and changing her diapers.

Nelly: He finds Nelly fine. But is scared on how depressed she acts.

Shelly: He does love his Aunt. But she terrifies him sometimes.

Nelly's unknown Father:He knows nothing about his uncle because he is dead.

Liyla: He really relies on Liyla's confidence and bravery. He likes it when she helps him not be so cowardly.

Katie: He does like to hang with Katie. But he gets very paranoid when Katie ships him with his crushes.

Mac:He likes to play around with Mac. He gets so overexcited to see him.

Amanda: She is Stan Jr's Girlfriend. At first, Stan Jr was picked on by her until one day she confessed her feelings to him and stopped being so mean.

Laura: He considers he a good friend. He likes to play with her and her sibling TJ.

AU's Edit

In some AU's, he is Gay with Mac or Kyle jr.

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Stan Jr was originally going to date Laura. This was changed due to avoiding incest issues as Wendy jr dates Laura's youngest brother, TJ/Tweek Jr.

Stan Jr shares some simularities to Bobby Generic from the 90's show Bobby's World and Sosuke, a character from Stan's favorite Movie, Ponyo.

Stan Jr is actually really good at singing.

Stan Jr is known to be Some Edgelord who plays too much ace attorney's favorite.

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